An Evening with Tammy Firestone

7:00-9:00pm Apr 16
Ashton North

Good Samaritan has long supported Tammy and Rusty Firestone and their ministry at La Trinidad, the Anglican Church in Cochabamba, Bolivia. Tammy, who serves as pastor at La Trinidad, is currently traveling in the United States, visiting supporting churches and family. She will be in Paoli next Monday and Tuesday, April 16 and 17. The Missions Committee is hosting a “Welcome Tammy” evening, Monday, April 16 at 7:00 p.m. in Ashton Hall North. Desserts will be available. (If you can provide a dessert, please contact Cheryl Hutchinson, who is coordinating desserts.) A special thanks to our “advocate” for this ministry, Larry Colletta, who made all the arrangements for Tammy’s visit.

Please come to welcome Tammy and hear about all the work she and Rusty do in Cochabamba. Many people from Good Samaritan know the Firestones and some have visited Tammy and the church while on mission trips to Bolivia. Informal time will be provided at the end of her presentation for folks to get to know or reconnect with Tammy. You can read more about the Firestones and their ministry on the SAMS website: