Men's Retreat

8:00pm Oct 27 - 12:30pm Oct 29, 2017
Black Rock Retreat Center, Quarryville PA

Annual Men's Retreat at Black Rock Retreat Center, Quarryville, PA; Speaker will be Fr. John Whitnah.  $140 per person (bunk cabin) or $250 per person (triple occupancy room); includes 5 meals; no cost to college students, scholarships for others are available.

"Be Still and Know that I am God"

What does it mean to “be still” in a fast paced world seemingly overloaded with information to absorb and tasks to perform?
What does the “rest” Jesus offers really look like in my life at work, home, and church?
How can I find rest that is truly restorative and life-giving?
Is it possible to develop and maintain a healthy work-life balance?
Am I spinning too many plates? How do I know what to take on and what to give up?

Good mix of program and recreational time (golf, hiking, evening cracker barrel, campfire)