Men's Retreat with Chaz Howard

Fri evening and Saturday Nov 13-14
Church & Virtual



"Crossing Borders"

Gathering, Prayer & Worship - Friday, Nov. 13, 7-8:30 pm

We will use this time to share and recognize that while we may have significant areas of disagreement with each other (and in the larger community/social landscape), we are called to try to find common ground and believe in and love one another as brothers in Christ, remembering that Christ provides comfort and solutions far beyond what culture and politics can offer.

"Brokenness and Heartbreak" (Retreat Session 1) - Saturday, Nov. 14, 9:30 - 11 am

The 1st half of the story of Joseph gives us insight into broken relationships, betrayal, heartbreak and lack of integrity.

"Reconciliation and Forgiveness"  (Retreat Session 2) - Saturday, Nov. 14, 12:30 - 2 pm 

We'll unpack the 2nd half of the story with a focus on remembrance, reconciliation, forgiveness and caring for others, and how we can apply the lessons to the challenges we face in overcoming differences we have with those who aren't "within our borders".

The current plan for all of these events is offer both in-person as well as remote attendance options.  In-person will be in the church sanctuary; remote will be via Livestream or Zoom.  There will be no charge for any of the events, and we will not be providing food or beverages for those attending in-person.  To help us run these events as smoothly as possible, we are asking two things:

  • Please register/RSVP to let us know which events you plan to attend, and whether you will be attending in-person or virtually.  We need this information to make sure we have the technical resources in place and to know how to provide you with the handouts for each session.    
  • If you have experience with some of the technical aspects of the Sunday service process, such as handling video, sound, slides, etc. and would be able to lend your help for one or more of these sessions, please let George Scheffey know as soon as possible.