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Parents, Pins, and Pasta!

4:00-6:00pm Jan 6
Devon Bowling Lanes

Parents Pins and Pasta is the Youth Ministries' Winter Kickoff Event.  It is for THE WHOLE FAMILY ! (mom, dad, sister, brother... and sure... bring grandma and grandpa if you like!)  

Each year, this is one of our biggest events and it's a BLAST!

We rent out a bunch of lanes at Devon Bowling Lanes which is located at 300 W. Lancaster Avenue, Devon, PA  19333.  

Everyone gets to bowl as much as they'd like (from 4:00 to 6:00).  We cover the cost of bowling and the shoe rental.  Oohh... and there will be food!

We will be serving dinner around 5:00 PM.  It will include pizza and pasta (hence the name).  We will also have some drinks (soda, juice, water) and MAYBE even a dessert!  

During this event, the PARENTS will meet with Jonathan to go over the plans for the coming months (January-August).  We explain the events and retreats and even some minor changes we might be making to youth group.  We also go into details for our SUMMER trips.  We will say a LITTLE about Youth Confirmation, but that will primarily be covered at the Youth Confirmation INFO MEETING later in January

While there is no fee to attend, we do appreciate a $5 donation per person to help offset the cost to us. 

This is a WONDERFUL event to invite friends to.  It's fun.  It's free.  And there's food.  Good times! 

There is no "registration" for this event... but we'd love it if you would email Jonathan Hobbs if you're coming so we get a good idea of how many to plan for.