Walking the Mourner's Path

Sundays 12:30-2:00pm Oct 29 - Dec 17, 2017
Room 215

Walking the Mourner's Path is an 8-week grief group for anyone who has suffered a significant loss and would like to process it in a group setting. Loss due to death is always difficult. The support group invites those who have suffered the loss of a loved one to come into God’s loving presence, to process, heal and be loved. While the Mourner’s Path is a non-denominational ministry, it is distinct from many other bereavement programs in that it is Christ-centered, scripturally and spiritually based. Walking the Mourner’s Path is not group therapy but is spiritually directed. We believe that grieving is not a lack of faith, but a natural part of living. Through the eight-week program (complete with workbook), mourners learn ways in which they may honor their loved ones, seek spiritual direction and discover God’s promise of comfort in community.

It will be led by trained facilitators, including Susan Starke, Parish Nurse. The cost is $50. (There is financial assistance available.) Registration is required (by Monday, October 9th. If you would like more information for yourself or a friend or loved one, or to register for the course, please contact Susan 610-644-4040 x207.