Young Lives Mission Presentation

10:15-11:00am May 6
Office Meeting Space

Good Samaritan has long supported the ministry of YoungLives, with several members often involved in their activities to support young mothers. Most are also familiar with their annual Baby Bottle Campaign, which this year, begins May 6 and runs to Father’s Day and helps support their programs. Sunday, May 6, representatives of YoungLives will be at the 9 and 11 services in the church and will do a large-group presentation between services in the open office area just upstairs from the atrium. Please take time to hear more about this important ministry and find ways you might be able to be directly involved to help these young moms.

YoungLives, a ministry of Young Life, ministers specifically to teen moms in nine locations in the Greater Philadelphia area. Through monthly meetings, Bible studies, mentoring relationships, and summer camp, they seek to give these young mothers practical and emotional support, as well as sharing the Gospel. See more about their programs on their website.

As an example of how YoungLives can impact young moms and foster a relationship with Christ, read this recently received testimony from a former Norristown teen mom, now in her 20s:

I wouldn't consider myself an atheist when I joined YoungLives, but I definitely had so much hatred and anger that my heart was stone cold at only 14 years old and it was hard for me to believe that God almighty could possibly care for someone as small and as meaningless as I felt. YoungLives taught me as a young mom that I was still valuable in the world.  I learned that we are all God's children and we do mean something to Him and sometimes that's all a person needs to know - that someone is watching over them and that someone does care and love them.

I felt that love not only from God but from the YoungLives mentors as well.  Now I know that nothing is an accident; everything is in God's plan for you from the day that you were conceived.  We make mistakes and we may feel like our life is over but it is God's way of helping you grow to become who you were meant to be. 

Come hear their presentation Sunday, May 6 and watch for the YoungLives Baby Bottle campaign!