The Chapel

The project to renovate and restore the Chapel was first put out for proposals in early 2018. No doubt the discussions at the vestry level were taking place prior to then. The difficult decision for the vestry then, was to commit to a project knowing that you simply don’t know all the facts needed to make such a decision. That’s commonly called a leap of faith. I’d like to thank the vestry, administration and congregation for allowing me and my men to take that leap with them and prove their trust in an incredible construction venture. I have worked in many churches over 40 years, but have not had the opportunity to bring the past back to life as this project has allowed. It was, for all of my workmen, a challenge they welcomed.  I am proud of those workmen and their diligent, thorough attention to the finer details of this job. I am certainly grateful to God our Father for providing me with the grace and blessings required for such an undertaking. I trust that future congregations can appreciate, 150 years from now, that this congregation took that leap of faith, just as those, 150 years ago, did for us. (The History of the Good Samaritan Chapel)

Unless the Lord builds the house, their labor is in vain who build it.   Psalm 127

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