Missions @ Good Sam

This year Good Samaritan is providing financial support for twenty-six ministries. Many are in the area, such as YoungLife, YoungLives, and Amnion; several are world-wide such as Water Mission, Kenyan Students Christian Fellowship, and the work of Jeff Potts in Asia. Support for these in 2018 totals $205,500. This is the bulk of the budget overseen by the Missions Committee, with a total of $220,000. That total budget includes support for short-term missionary trips/projects, funds for new ministries that may arise during the year, and funds for mission education and other support. The last item funded was the recent trip by a team to Paraguay.

The mission committee’s budget, plus a few other mission/outreach programs, comes from the generous giving to the church. Each month, a tithe of ten percent of the total giving to the church is included as income for the Missions committee. Currently, the committee is basing its budget work for 2019 on the same level: $220,000.

All the supported ministries are based on a thorough review of applications submitted by the various ministries. An ad hoc group of the full Missions Committee, the Grants Committee, reviews each of about 30 applications and makes decisions as to which ministries we should support financially and if supported, at what level. For 2018, support for ministries ranged from $2,000 to $20,000 (for the year). The average is $7,038 and the median $4,500. Ten of these are in the local area (southeast Pennsylvania), three nationally and thirteen internationally, with six in Africa, four in South America, two in Asia, and one serving world-wide.

For support in 2019, twenty-four currently supported ministries submitted applications (one currently supported ministry did not submit an application). In addition, three additional ministries requested and submitted applications, two in the local area, and one in Africa. Reviewing all these applications as a Grants Committee, is an enjoyable but time-consuming project. In addition to the five members of this committee studying and reviewing on their own, they have already spent five hours meeting and discussing in two sessions, with at least one more session on tap. Your prayers of support for this committee’s important work will be appreciated – especially when the work comes at this busy holiday time of the year. They hope to have a budget ready for the full committee’s review in early January.