Vestry Corner

The first Vestry meeting of 2019 was held on Monday, January 14. As this was also the first quarterly meeting of the year, it began with evening prayer in the chapel, led by Mac McCausland.
As with all quarterly meetings, the vestry reviewed reports on the various ministry areas throughout the church, with John Whitnah and Ben Capps providing further details as requested. However, the majority of time this month was devoted to reviewing the budget for the new year.
Dwight Wilson was present in his capacity as HR and Financial Administrator for the parish, to present the proposed 2019 budget. We are projecting a small increase in giving and other income for 2019, but personnel and facilities costs are also increasing. As such, the Finance Committee recommended ending our radio program and recommended against funding some new requests. The Vestry approved these recommendations and the overall budget. The Vestry also approved the preliminary Missions and Outreach budget for 2019 which, together with our Diocesan contributions, will come to nearly $300,000 in support of God’s work around the world. Finally, at the recommendation of the Finance Committee, the Vestry voted to move a surplus of approximately $30,000 from 2018 to the Vestry Reserve. It is expected that these funds will be used to support initiatives related to the Invite component of our vision campaign. 
For more details on how these initiatives are developing, see Justin Crawford’s recent article on the front page of this Samaritan. 
Reports from the Facilities Committee and the Nominating Committee were also reviewed. In the fall of 2018, the Facilities Committee completed an assessment of the Chapel that identified a variety of necessary renovations. This was announced to the parish, and the necessary funds were generously given within less than two weeks. Since that time, the Facilities committee has solicited bids and recommended a contractor for the project. The Vestry approved this recommendation, and work is expected to commence in the near future. Throughout the fall, the Nominating Committee has also worked to identify a slate of candidates to run for both Vestry and Diocesan Representative. The Vestry approved the slate of candidates, and a forum to meet the candidates will be held between the services on Sunday, February 17, in Ashton Hall. 
Parishioners interested in running for Vestry can contact the Nominating Committee for further details: