Africa Theological Seminary

Africa Theological Seminary (Kitale, Kenya) is a non-denominational institution that trains church leaders in theology, ministry, and counseling using an in-service model that allows learners to continue in their primary ministries as they pursue further studies. The curriculum helps develop Christian ministers who have general life skills in addition to theological schooling and applied ministerial training.

Frank and Anne B.

Frank and Anne B. serve in North Africa with Frontiers, an international missions organization that focuses exclusively on sending church planting teams to the Muslim world. Frank and Anne lead a large team of overseas workers all committed to innovative evangelism, relevant discipleship and planting faith communities that are indigenous, viable and reproducible.

Diocese of Bolivia

Diocese of Bolivia: Funding goes to support the Diocese of Bolivia, for funding Cristo Salvador Church in La Paz, and for the support of Deacon Tammy Firestone, a SAMS Missionary who serves La Trinidad Church in Cochabamba.

Mwamba Foundation

Mwamba (Swahili for “rock”) promotes stable Kenyan communities through offering scholarships for poor children and seminarians, providing educational and entrepreneurial opportunities for women, advocating against early marriages and female genital mutilation, and discipling and mentoring students.

Niños con Valor

Niños con Valor’s (“Children with Value”) mission is to see hope, healing and dignity flourish in Bolivian children, values that they will multiply into society through the establishment of self-sustaining and scalable models of care. NCV provides family support programs, a daycare and orphanage for children affected by AIDS, and education and psychological care in a family-style group home for girls.

Phillip and Julie S.

Phillip and Julie have been serving as long-term sponsored missionaries in Asia since 2008, building deep friendships in local communities and seeking to share the gospel.

Ron and Nicki Irene

Ron and Nicki Irene serve in the Diocese of Paraguay. Reverend Ron pastors two churches and is the chaplain of the Diocesan school (St. Andrews) in Asuncion, Paraguay, where Nicki is a teacher.

Steve and Nancy Brown

Steve and Nancy minister to nomadic people groups in the northern regions of Africa. Steve works on providing for their physical needs by building wells and coordinating hunger relief projects. Nancy provides medical care to women. 

Kenya Students' Fellowship

Kenya Students’ Christian Fellowship (KSCF).  KCSF is an interdenominational, non-profit and non-political organization, which was established in 1958 with the objective of evangelizing to students in Secondary Schools and Colleges throughout Kenya and disciplining them to be effective witnesses of Jesus Christ in their institutions and communities at large.

Rooted in Jesus

Rooted in Jesus is a practical discipleship program in which trained leaders facilitate small groups of people who wish to deepen their discipleship. Not a Bible study program, but rather an applied, interactive program which aims to change people’s lives, churches and communities. Designed to cover the basics of the Christian faith and ministry from an African perspective, the ministry of Rooted in Jesus is to provide training and resources needed to raise up local group leaders.


Water Mission

Water Mission provides sustainable access to safe water and an opportunity to hear Jesus’ message of “Living Water” in developing countries and disaster areas. “We believe that the global water crisis can be solved and we take a comprehensive approach to combating the crisis with water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) solutions. We design customized solutions for each community we serve and we partner with the recipients throughout the process. A successful project results in more time for work and education, improved health, and increased productivity for the community.”