Live Stream

Visit this page at 10:30am on Sundays for our weekly worship service and click play on the player below:

While we are not able to meet on Sundays we will have a live-streamed Sunday service at 10:30am.

Daily Prayers are now being published to YouTube, Facebook at noon each day Monday to Friday. Don't try and live-stream from this page, click one of these links:

Archives of Sunday live-streams that you have missed will be available following livestreams at our YouTube channel:

We decided to move our daily prayer with Ben and me from live-streaming at noon to publishing direct to YouTube and Facebook at noon each day (Monday to Friday). More than 200 people engage with this each day but nearly all of them do so after the event and only a few engaged 'live'. This will help us more reliably get them out for noon each day, and people can then engage with this daily prayer at whatever time of day suits you.

It would be great if you subscribed to those various channels, and even greater if you shared these on Facebook so that we can serve even more people by building an audience for this.