Missions & Outreach News Jan 25


Christian community in the Muslim world is looking to build an English language school. This would be an outreach ministry, an employment opportunity for local Christians and a self-sustaining operation. They need $10,000 to launch the school. Government approval has already been granted. If you would like to learn more, please contact Bob Zimmerman at Robert.zimmerman@gmail.com.


Steve and Nancy Brown have sent an end of year greeting to us all. Chuck Ernst is the Good Samaritan Advocate for the Browns.

December 31, 2016

Dear friends and family,

As they say here in French, “l’année tire à sa fin”, which translates as “the year is pulling up to the end.” In fact, in a few hours it will be 2017.

I know that this is a busy time of year for so many people, but we hope that you will have time for a brief greeting. We want to send you all our best wishes for the New Year, which offers as all new beginnings the potential for change and self-correction. It is like a secular “Lent” each year that is open to all, and offers a chance to add or subtract from habits and opportunities. May the Lord bless you richly in the year ahead.

I am missing Nancy tonight, as we are now near the end of two long periods apart. She flies into the Niamey airport next Tuesday afternoon. I will be there waiting for her! I know that the Lord has blessed these times away and that she has been an important help to her mother Carolyn especially. She also has celebrated Christmas with Bryce and Joel by being in the US instead of Niger. Through the time, the siblings and Carolyn have reached a decision about her future care that I think everyone thinks is best. They seem to be united in the decision after considering various options. I know that not only has her mother has appreciated her being there, but being there also allowed her to be a present voice in the conversation instead of trying to give input from 10,000 miles away.

Here in Danja I have been blessed to be a part of two end-of-year celebrations. One was Thursday in which the combined medical centers gave thanks to God for the year gone by. We also honored three men retiring from service at CSL Danja. One had served for 37 years, Mr. Aboubacar Mamane in the physical therapy department. It was a joy to see him and his extended family clustered together smiling, part of a larger Danja family of well-wishers. It was a beautiful sight to see the man, his wife, 6 of their 9 children, and their cutie grandchildren all together to celebrate with him. As part of our overall celebration of God’s blessings, the organizers had blown up balloons and attached them to a long string in clusters of 3 or 4. Each time we announced one of the major ways that God has blessed the two centers this year, we called up a member of staff associated with that blessing and asked them to lance a cluster of balloons. Pop! Pop! Pop! We then would cry out “Glory to God” in French and then Hausa (“Gloire a Dieu!” and “Daukaka ga Allah!) in a wave going left to right. It was a fun way to celebrate, and we had 14 major things to thank the Lord for.

The other celebration was one of our normal end-of-training celebrations at the Danja Fistula Center. I went over to the center the evening before and found a group of women excited about the ceremony, including two Fulani women who would be graduating the next day. We jabbered away in Fulfulde about their experience and their hopes, which was fun. We shared a lot of smiles that evening and at the ceremony the next day. This is such a hope restoring ministry!

With that, as ones who are part of the larger group of those who have a living hope through Christ that we can share with others, we wish you a hope-filled future this day and in the coming year.


Steve and Nancy Brown


Dr. Robert Zimmerman is the Good Sam Advocate from Frank and Anne “B” who recently send this greeting for the season:

Happy Epiphany

Many Churches throughout the world observe Epiphany on the 6th day of January. Epiphany is a celebration of Christ's revelation to the nations. Commonly the story of the Magi visiting Jesus as a baby is associated with Epiphany. The story of the Magi demonstrates that God was at work revealing himself to peoples far and foreign immediately following the coming of the Messiah - even before. So eager was He to make his mercy known, it is so essential to His character, that He couldn't wait for news of the Messiah to reach the nations - He brought the nations to the Messiah. God is still at work revealing himself to all the peoples of the world and there is no better time to contemplate on this than at Epiphany. There is no more appropriate time to pray for the task that is remaining than at Epiphany.

This Epiphany season please pray for [our country in North Africa]. Pray that God would be revealed to this nation. Pray for the people that He has placed here and the work that He has set before them. Pray for those that he is drawing to himself.


We give thanks for the successful return of our team from Kenya, Chuck Ernst, Fr. Geoff Simpson, and Rusty Smith.

We also give thanks for the January 22 Human Trafficking Awareness Meeting, which was well attended and for the presentation at that meeting which is available from Julie Uebler at juebler@comcast.net.

We also give thanks for those of you who have already given and to those of you who will give in the future to the ongoing Amnion baby bottle campaign.