Missions & Outreach News

Kenya Student Christian Fellowship (KSCF)

Our own Phillip and Mary Kishoiyian are connected with KSCF (one of their daughters, Tayiana, is currently in Kenya and in the program). They send along this report. Included are short testimonies made by some of the many kids Good Samaritan sends to the annual conference with our funding. Their testimonies and experiences are quite inspiring and give participants’ pictures of the work KSCF does. You can read their full report from five different camp participants HERE.

KSCF is impacted by various challenging situations in their area. They are experiencing serious drought conditions that have caused general food shortages, as well as some real famine conditions. Cattle are having to come near the city and try to find grass near the roads. Water trucks are being brought in for those families able to afford this water. Additionally, many of the employers in the area are in tense situations with the workers’ unions, which keep not only moods tense but also foster a sense of instability.


KSCF Cattle
water truck
KSCF Water Truck

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for John Maneno, the KSCF-MAT team chairman with all associates as they continue the good work of nurturing students to mature Christians disciples through schools visits, leaders training days, and counseling.
  • Pray that the industrial dispute of employers vs workers' unions ends well, (these include doctors, teachers, etc., which affect health and education).
  • Pray for rains as the drought has caused general food shortages, and some actual famine conditions.
  • Pray for smooth and peaceful general elections in August 2017

Short-Term Missionary Trips/Projects

  • Diane Gibson will be serving on a medical-missionary trip to the Philippines, April 21-29.
  • A missionary trip to India, conducted by CCO, will include Hannah Schmitt, Brooke Scott, and Brandon Fornio. This India trip will be May 10 – 31 and will be led by Kylie Roberts. They are raising funds through a “Candle Sales” project. You should be hearing more about this soon.
  • Hannah Johnson will be working in needy areas of Philadelphia, June through August, on projects organized by the “Center for Student Missions.”

People on such trips always appreciate knowing they are surrounded by the prayers of their church family!