Missions & Outreach News

Bishop Samuel in Bolivia
Bishop Raphael Samuel and his wife Michelle live in Santa Cruz, Bolivia where the Diocese is headquartered.  He has oversight of all Anglican churches in Bolivia, including La Trinidad Church in Cochabamba, where the Reverend Tammy Firestone presides. Other churches are located in La Paz, Tarija and (of course) Santa Cruz, where the Bishop and the Cathedral are located. We have supported Bishop Raphael and the Diocese for many years. Part of the funding goes for leadership training for Bolivian Priests and also for evangelism and disciple making in Santa Cruz and other cities in Bolivia.
Kevin Hicks is our advocate for the bishop/diocese and sends along these prayer requests from Bishop Samuel and his wife Michelle:
Please pray for great wisdom and a sense of unity as we put together a training program which will take our people to the next level in the various areas of their lives:  a growing walk with the Lord, a growing understanding of the Biblical revelation, a growth in our character,

  • a growing effectiveness in ministry, and a growing love for the lost and the poor.
  • Please pray for diocesan leadership, both lay and clergy, to grow in mutual confidence amongst ourselves in Christ. Pray for the Holy Spirit to pull down the barriers of pride and prejudice.
  • Pray for the leadership to not only tithe but to also boldly teach on biblical stewardship. Pray for our people to be blessed materially in terms of getting a better job and for fresh opportunities to improve our well-being.

Frank and Anne B.: Missionaries in a Muslim area of North Africa

Bob Zimmerman is our church’s advocate for Frank and Anne, and he shares a few updates.
As a part of Anne’s ministry to help people such as us learn the local dialect of Arabic, she started a new project to be more direct in this effort. Learning the actual dialects helps us all integrate deeper into the local culture. What started as a part-time ministry is now taking on a more official posture, and it is exciting that the organization has received official governmental status for this project. The end result is a better witness for the Gospel and economic empowerment in the country.
Muslim communities devote one month every year to fasting. This month, Ramadan, is almost universally observed in North Africa - even among non-religious people. Everything changes during this month and life just feels different. It is a significant time for us as well. It is a great time to connect with our neighbors and friends and we find it is a great opportunity for us to pray more for the country, the people and Kingdom of God in this place. We hope you will pray daily for Muslims … and for us … during this special time. (Ramadan, this year, began the evening of Friday, May 26 and ends the evening of Saturday, June 24.) During this holy time, and always, pray for Muslims world-wide. Pray especially for those where the Gospel seed has been planted, and for those who feel deflated and disillusioned by the violence that seems so closely associated with their faith.
Last Month, Frank and Anne also sent along a newsletter that highlights some of their activities and work. Access it here.

Niños con Valor in Bolivia
Tyson Malo of Niños con Valor (via our advocate, Kevin Hicks) sends along a detailed report of all that has been happening with that organization in Bolivia this first part of the year. The new school year (beginning in January) got off to a great start. They’ve had meaningful visits from other U.S. church groups and agencies, and they’ve set up a new “pre-independence” apartment for five of their older teens. A new partnership with a local college, Udabol, provides even more education to the children. In April they were involved in a local charity soccer tournament and they also participated in Holy Week activities at La Trinidad (where we have a supporting relationship with Pastor Tammy Firestone).
Read more about these and other activities, along with several pictures in Tyson’s full report here.

Philip and Julie Steiner, Missionaries in Asia
(Similar to Frank and Anna, for their security reasons, we do not share the Steiner’s actual missionary location.) While they work with non-Christian people in their city to spread the gospel, much of their work is with the larger Christian expat community there to support one another and work together. Some of this involves teaching at a local academy, running camps for children of expats, serving at the local Red Cross Hospital, and other such activities/jobs that keep them in contact not only with each other but with the larger community. They ask particularly for prays for Philip’s safety and guidance as he makes a long trek on foot to more remote parts of the country. In addition to doing this for pleasure, it will also help him see places that might be ripe for more direct Christian involvement.
Deryck Livingston is our Advocate for the Steiner’s, and passes along a nice letter from Julie, which gives bit of a description of the lives of missionaries balancing their personal lives with their more missionary-type lives. You can read Julie’s letter here.

Short-Term Missionary Trips/Projects
We give thanks for the safe return of Good Samaritan participants in the CCO sponsored missionary trip to India (CCO leader Kylie Roberts, with Hannah Schmitt, Brooke Scott, and Brandon Fornio from Good Samaritan.) Kylie and two other CCO staff, plus nine college students traveled for three weeks through the northeast region of India. They had great experiences and learned to pray with longing and hope for those they worked with. Kylie shares a brief overview with a few reflections from students on an “impactful moment” they experienced. You can read this (with pictures) here.
Continue to pray for Father Richard Morgan as he plans for his Rooted In Jesus trip to Kenya later this month. If you’d like to help his fundraising for his expenses, checks can be made out to the church, ensuring the “Richard’s Rooted In Jesus trip” is in the memo line. You can also give online here.

Hank Davis is doing the necessary physical and spiritual preparation for a missionary trip to Peru late July/early August. He is traveling as part of a missionary-sponsoring group E3 Partners.
Hannah Johnson is starting this month to work in needy areas of Philadelphia. She will continue through August on projects organized by the “Center for Student Missions.”

People on such trips always appreciate knowing they are surrounded by the prayers of their church family!

Sex Trafficking: From June 7 through July 9, People’s Light and Theater in Malvern is presenting “Project Dawn”, a play about the Project Dawn Court, which is a diversion program for repeat prostitution offenders founded in Philadelphia. More about the program and tickets are on the theater’s website.

Come out and support FAIR DAYS June 9 and 10. Not only is there food, all the vendors, and entertainment, it can be a great way to meet and welcome to our church the many visitors we will have over those two days. All proceeds from Fair Days go to two of our major mission efforts: “Food for our Neighbors” (via the Good Samaritan Food Closet) and “Clean Water for the World” (via Water Mission). You can also buy a “Walk For Water: Water Mission T-Shirt” to begin promoting this year’s Walk, which is scheduled for later in the fall. Pray for Good Weather!!