Missions & Outreach News

Humankind Water and the Kind Human Foundation
Many are familiar with the work of T.J. Foltz and the ministry of Humankind, which sells water to support a world-wide ministry for clean water wells. T.J. writes: 

Praise God, Humankind is growing quickly. We expanded our product line from just bottled water to tea and lemonade... all of which provide direct give-back to our partners in hydro-philanthropy. To date we've done well over 100 projects and that number just goes up and up. Our unorthodox ministry is both a ‘business’ and a 501c3 foundation.  Humankind is the business which sells water, tea and lemonade to make money and raise awareness. Our newly named 501c3 ‘The Kind Human Foundation’ (renamed because of the new connection between the business and the foundation) takes donations and gives tax deductions.

T. J. and Humankind ask for prayers as they work to find the right person to serve as director for the Kind Human Foundation....the giving arm of Humankind. They have support projects around the world, but have not been as able to provide the amount of support they’d like in India. The need is great there. They ask for prayers of support especially for friends in India’s Andra Pradesh. You can read more about Humankind, their mission and projects as well as ways to contribute at BeHumankind.com.

Niños con Valor and the Open Roads project
We have long supported the work of Niños con Valor in Cochabamba, Bolivia as they provide for young high-risk children. (Many at Good Samaritan sponsor one or more children.) After a certain age, older children have to leave the program. They are especially concerned for the well-being of some of these older girls. These new challenges for teens have led them to create a new program to best serve them: “Caminos Abiertos al Cambio,” or “Open Roads to Change.” This program will give some of those teens separate space, daily therapy, structure and routine. To provide funding to start this program, they are conducting a T-Shirt sales campaign. To learn more about Open Roads to Change and perhaps purchase a T-Shirt to help, click here.

Tyson Malo, the ministry’s director in Bolivia, is planning his fall itinerary and hopes to visit us sometime in the last two weeks of October.  We’ll let you know as soon as those dates are selected.
 Please pray for Niños con Valor as they expand their Open Roads to Change program to serve the older teens. It is the first days of winter for our friends in Cochabamba – please pray for the staff and children in this year’s program. Also, pray for Tyson as he plans his yearly visit to the U.S to spread the word about Niños and seek funding support.
Information on the total Niños con Valor program is available here.

Short-Term Missionaries

  • Please pray for Father Richard in Kenya leading Rooted In Jesus conferences. Richard is directing two one-week conferences with about 150 participants at each conference. He is out of the country until July 10.
  • Please pray for Hannah Johnson while she is serving this summer in needy areas of Philadelphia with the “Center for Student Missions.”
  • Continue to pray for Hank Davis as he prepares for a missionary trip to Peru, organized by E3 Partners in late July/early August.

The Great Co-Mission: A Missions Conference
For the past few years, Paoli Presbyterian Church and Good Samaritan have worked together to conduct small-scale mission conferences. This year, we are expanding and hope to have perhaps more than 300 people join us to celebrate our calls to mission and learn more about the role of missions and outreach in our individual and corporate lives. Andy Crouch will be our keynote presenter and will facilitate much of the conference. We will concentrate on three themes:

  • “Remembering the Image of Mission,”
  • “Restoring the Image of Mission,”
  • “Renewing/Celebrating the Image of Mission.”

Already, several churches from Ardmore to Downingtown, representing varied denominations, are planning to attend and at least ten have agreed to partner with us in this effort.
The major full-day conference will be at Good Samaritan Saturday, September 30. The conference is actually a two-day conference, with a Friday evening session (9/29) at Paoli Presbyterian especially for those folks working in churches to plan and facilitate mission and outreach efforts.The Saturday session is designed for anyone interested in missions and the role of the church in missions and outreach. There is no cost for the conference (and a lunch will be provided); however, we do want people to register so we can better plan and be prepared.
To learn more, and also to register early, please go to our website: http://www.good-samaritan.org/co-mission

If you have specific questions about the conference, please check with Jeff Moretzsohn, Kevin Hicks, or Keith Dodd. They are the Good Samaritan people on the conference’s steering/planning committee.
Please pray for Andy Crouch and all those planning this conference. There is much to plan, communicate, and organize. We will provide more details as we near the late-September date. 

Reminder: the play “Project Dawn”
Sex Trafficking: From June 7 through July 9, People’s Light and Theater in Malvern is presenting “Project Dawn”, a play about the Project Dawn Court, which is a diversion program for repeat prostitution offenders founded in Philadelphia. More about the program and tickets are on the theater’s website.
This week, the Philadelphia Inquirer and the online Philly.Com included a positive review of the play “Project Dawn”. You can read this review here.