Missions & Outreach News

Ron and Nicky Irene in Paraguay

Ron and Nicky’s ministry in Paraguay is a ministry we have supported for a number of years. Many may remember Ron from his extended visit with us, assisting with communion and delivering a sermon (the one where he illustrated a point by having Jeff Moretzsohn and Father Richard try to shoot paper-wad balls into a waste can). 

Ron is quite busy as pastor of two churches and also chaplain at an Anglican school. In addition to all the work with bible studies, prayer groups, and preaching, he also does much pre-marital and general counseling. Please pray for Ron as he carries out all his church-related responsibilities. The churches are growing in spite of difficulties of being Anglican in a strong Roman Catholic culture. That makes interested people wary about coming to an Anglican church. They ask for prayers for their churches and especially for help and commitment of the people within the churches themselves. Nicky says, “Like people in general, many are good at giving ideas, but when it comes to commitment, they run away!” Nicky works hard in the churches, especially with the children … along with tending to their own four children. All this takes away from fulfilling her own spiritual needs as the work prevents her from attending many services.

They report that the weather has been “strange” and has caused a lot of health problems. The whole Irene family has been fighting bronchitis and flu and the area is experiencing outbreaks of dengue and influenza A and B. Please pray for the whole family’s general health (and of their community) in this difficult time. Their children are all growing. Natty is now 20 and in her third year of university. Tammy is in 9th grade and will have a 15th birthday. Danny is 12 and celebrated his birthday June 14. Sam is six and is improving with some of his challenges, especially speech apraxia. Please pray for their family that is growing up!

Jeff Moretzsohn is our advocate for Ron and Nicky, and Jeff and Dianne recently received a letter updating them on the family and their work in Paraguay.  An edited version of that interesting and informative letter is available here.

Kensington Ministry and the Free Church of Saint John

Jay Powick is our advocate for this important city ministry, and he sends this quick update.

The new vestry at the church has been established and a number of people from the community are participating members. The church is making renovations to the Parish House, which includes improvements to the old bathroom, new fencing added to the breezeway next to the parish house, and the black iron gates surrounding the church yard are being modified to create an access area to the yard for the summer flea markets.

Lauren Gibson has been meeting with the new Willard School (which is located just behind the church yard). She is trying to work with the people living in the neighborhood in this project and not compete with them. Lauren also provided the following:

Most needed (at the Willard School) is help with the after-school homework help program for children of Spanish-speaking parents. This September, we start Monday/Wednesday sessions for an hour a day to help first graders. If anyone from Good Samaritan would like to help, we can use people for any time commitment. Any volunteers could pick up one day a week or more. The hope is to expand the program to more kids and more grades. The K-4 school has 750 students. With large classroom sizes and no budget for art and library, it is easy for kids to fall behind in elementary school and never catch up.

We are also planning an event called “Community Festival”. Our plan is to host a big back-to-school party with back-pack give-a-ways, food, games, and informational tables about resources for the area. Our goal is to let the community know that the church is here and to team up with as many different organizations as we can to support the families around the church. Please pray for this Festival, which will take place August 26.

Please pray for the Free Church of Saint John and for Lauren as they try to grow connections with the neighborhood. Pray, too, for the resources – and perhaps some Good Samaritan volunteers – to implement the after-school programs in the fall.

Short-Term Missionaries

  • Please pray for Father Richard in Kenya leading Rooted In Jesus conferences. Richard is directing two one-week conferences with about 150 participants at each conference. He is winding up his work and will return to Paoli July 10th.
  • Please pray for Hannah Johnson while she is serving this summer in needy areas of Philadelphia with the “Center for Student Missions.”
  • Continue to pray for Hank Davis as he prepares for a missionary trip to Peru, organized by E3 Partners in late July/early August.

The Great Co-Mission: A Missions Conference

A reminder of the missions conference we are planning with Paoli Presbyterian for Saturday, September 30. We are hoping for around 300 participants, which will be held at Good Sam. Andy Crouch will be the keynote presenter at the conference.

To learn more, and also to register early, please go to our website: http://www.good-samaritan.org/co-mission

If you have specific questions about the conference, please check with Jeff Moretzsohn, Kevin Hicks, or Keith Dodd. They are the Good Samaritan people on the conference’s steering/planning committee.

Please pray for Andy Crouch and all those planning this conference. There is much to plan, communicate, and organize. We will provide more details as we near the late-September date.

Reminder: the play “Project Dawn”

Sex Trafficking: From June 7 through July 9, People’s Light and Theater in Malvern is presenting “Project Dawn”, a play about the Project Dawn Court, which is a diversion program for repeat prostitution offenders founded in Philadelphia. More about the program and tickets are on the theater’s website: http://peopleslight.org/production/ProjectDawn