Where are we?

Having got a few dates muddled up for Reading, Reflection and Prayer, I'm well aware of the confusion these days can bring. Is it Wednesday? Tuesday? Friday? Where are we? Where are we as individuals and where are we as a church? How are you doing? How is Good Sam doing? Should we open our doors next week? A week ago? In a month or so? Not until the threat has fully passed? Where have we been, where are we now, and where are we headed?

News from Paraguay and Bolivia

For many years, the Church of the Good Samaritan has been invested financially, spiritually, and physically with several ministries in South America.

Kenya Students Christian Fellowship

Good Samaritan has long provided prayer and financial support to the Kenya Students Christian Fellowship (KSCF).

HELPS Ministry During the Pandemic

HELPS is an outreach ministry of Good Samaritan designed to provide limited financial assistance to people in Chester County who find themselves in short-term financial need.

From the Rector

It's tempting in this time to wait for everything to pass. At the beginning of March we were told to sit tight for two weeks, then we'd have beaten the virus and everything would be back to normal. Then it was Easter; then the beginning of May.