Missions & Outreach News

This week we highlight a personal reflection from Steve and Nancy Brown, missionaries we support in Niger, and a a Save-the-Date announcement of a major missions conference (The Great Co-Mission) that we are hosting this fall with Paoli Presbyterian and several other local churches. Although not finalized, our proceeds from Fair Days will be around $18,000, which will benefit our Food Closet and Water Mission.

Vestry Corner

The June Vestry meeting was held on Monday, the 12th, and Father Richard opened the meeting with a devotion from Genesis 37 (dealing with Joseph and his brothers). Richard reflected on the reality that God’s family is messy and broken, but that God still uses us in the midst of our imperfections. He also noted that it isn’t enough to be right, but that we must strive for wisdom and love in our relationships with others.

Racial Reconciliation

Issues that impact the Church today: Racial Reconciliation. The Living Church of Christ should not be silent about the issues that impact our culture today, especially given the fact that: (a) Jesus preached the gospel and also addressed the cultural issues of that day. (b) The Living Bible is relevant because it addresses all issues concerning mankind in every generation.

Book Review: Cracking the Communication Code Love for her, Respect for Him

 “There are three main ideas. Men want respect, women want love. Men and women use different language to express their wishes, desires, and personalities. Men and women in marriage develop automatic thinking about all kinds of matters that directly affect communication. Automatic thinking is thinking that is unconscious, unexamined, and unexpressed. To be changed such thinking must be uncovered, examined, expressed, and revealed to see if it is true or false. Eggerichs brings a rich biblical view based on his long experience as a pastor and counselor. He holds firmly to a biblical understanding of the man and woman.

Rev Geoff Simpson Accepts New Position

The Rev. Geoff Simpson has accepted a call to St. Thomas Episcopal Church and School in southwest Houston TX. Geoff will serve as Associate Rector-Chaplain of the School. He will also serve at church on Sundays. Geoff’s first day at St. Thomas’ will be July 1st.

Missions & Outreach News

This week we have updates and prayer requests from Bishop Samuel in Bolivia, Frank and Anne B. in North Africa, Ninos con Valor, Philip and Julie Steiner, Missionaries in Asia, and a reminder about Fair Days.

A Word of Exhortation

On their release, Peter and John went back to their own people and reported all that the chief priests and the elders had said to them. When they heard this, they raised their voices together in prayer to God.“Sovereign Lord,” they said, “you

Missions & Outreach News

This week we have updates from Good Works, a Christian non-profit dedicated to repairing homes and restoring hope for low-income homeowners in Chester County, and from Fr. Richard's upcoming short term mission trip to Kenya leading Rooted In Jesus conferences.

Good Sam Library

Welcome to our updated Parish Library. After being closed for water damage repair and then as the Day School Kindergarten classroom, our library is again open and better than ever.

Vestry Corner

On May 8, the vestry meeting began with a Bible reading from the first chapter of Colossians and a reflection by Fr. Richard.

Music & Arts at Good Sam

Over the past few months we have been blessed by the talents and work of several of our parishioners.

Missions News

This week we have updates from Kenya Students Christian Fellowship – Maasai Associates Team (KSCF-MAT), Tammy and Rusty Firestone, and Fr Richard on his Rooted in Jesus trip to Kenya next month.

2017 Youth Ministry Summer Schedule

There is lots going on this summer with youth! Check it out!

New Senior Associate

I am delighted to announce that we have called a new Associate Rector. Rev’d John Whitnah (father of Michael Whitnah, our seminarian) is a priest with great experience and a lot to contribute to our church family here at Good Samaritan. John and Nina will join us at the beginning of May.