2019 Missions Budget Approved

Good Samaritan earmarks approximately 10% of giving to Missions and Outreach. For 2019, this allows the church to budget nearly $300,000 to this important part of our ministry. The bulk of this budget is devoted to the work of the Missions Committee ($220,000), which includes $209,132 for twenty-eight ministries. Most of these ministries are well-known, as we’ve supported them for years: Water Mission, Ninos con Valor, and CityTeam.

Budget amounts for Food Closet and the CCO work of Kylie Garrety are preset. Decisions to support and to what level are based on yearly, detailed applications from ministries seeking our support. These applications are reviewed and discussed by an ad hoc Grants Committee, which makes recommendations to the full missions committee. The committee then sends its proposed budget to Vestry for their approval.

The committee added one new ministry to its 2019 slate of supported ministries, that of the St. James School. Although Good Sam and St. James has a history of working together, until this year, we have not provided financial support. We look forward to working even closer as partners over the years. The budget also includes modest one-time gifts of support for a training program for widows in the Mumias Diocese in Kenya and another unit of YoungLife in central Philadelphia. One ministry from 2018 (LoveJustice International) did not submit a 2019 application.

Based on all the criteria, for 2019 we provided modest increases to La Trinidad Anglican Church in Cochabamba, Bolivia (the ministry of Rev. Tammy Firestone), Ninos con Valor also in Cochabamba, the ministry of Ron Irene in Paraguay, Water Mission, Gathering Hope, The Philly Project, YoungLives (Delaware Valley), and YoungLife (Suburbs). Although we very much value the ministry of the following, we made reductions based on the fact that they’ve received some of the highest funding in the past and our concern that they don’t seem to generate interest or involvement among folks in the congregation. These include: CityTeam, Good Works (we no longer have an active team working with this ministry), and Scripture Union. We have not yet sent an application to the Free Church of St. John in Kensington due to concerns that their monitoring and use of funds has not been done in an accountable manner. The diocese is working with them, and we hope to send an application to them in a few weeks when we are assured that an accountable financial system is in place. We do want to continue our long-time support for St. John.

A list of all our supported ministries is available here. This summary also includes a breakdown of our support by geography and types of ministries.