Bishop Raphael Samuel

The Missions Committee is continuing its many years of financial support for the Diocese of Bolivia in 2020. Raphael Samuel is Bishop of the diocese. Many may remember Bishop Samuel and his wife Michelle from visits to Good Samaritan. The bishop's seat is in Cochabamba, which is also home to Ninos con Valor and Tammy Firestone, pastor of La Trinidad Anglican Church. (For more about the diocese click here and Bishop Samuel's Facebook page: click here)

From world news and in earlier Missions Committee's news items, most are aware of the often violent civil unrest in Bolivia this past fall centering on the ousting of the country's president. We heard from Bishop Samuel, Tammy Firestone, and Tyson Malo of Ninos con Valor about the dangerous and threatening atmosphere in which they were living and continuing to minister. While the unrest has settled, under the surface there is still the potential for renewed unrest and violence.

With Bishop Samuel's thanks for our continuing financial support of the diocese, he also included a very heart-felt message to Good Samaritan. His message also included many prayer requests, not only for the country and his church, but also personally for him (and Michelle) as they try to find the strength and wisdom to shepherd his people in these trying times. They would very much appreciate our individual and our church's prayers. The bishops message and prayer requests (along with a few pictures) are found here.