The Browns in Niger to Depart from Danja Ministries

Good Samaritan has long supported the Browns’ Christian medical and missionary work in Niger through SIM. We have often reported  what they are doing and their prayer requests. Many in church may have met Steve and/or Nancy on some of their visits to Good Samaritan.

Over the last couple of years, they have wrestled with the growing need for their medical services, problems in building facilities, and difficulty with getting the well-trained medical personnel they need to meet the demand. They also wrestle with the fatigue that can come by serving as missionaries these many years. As a result, they have decided that they are going to depart from the Danja ministries. They will have several months to continue their work, but also work with SIM to recruit and train people for a smooth transition. After that time, probably late September, they hope to spend a year in the U.S. for, as Steve writes, “a mix of rest, visiting supporters, and speaking … but mainly rest.”

They would like to set aside a big chunk of that time to be in some cabin in the woods, out-of-the-way location where they can have private, relaxing time to intentionally discern God’s will for their next stage in His service. Knowing that Good Samaritan folks are well-traveled and have many connections, they wanted us to be aware of this, and if anyone has ideas about where they might find such a place – they would pay rent. Living out of the country makes it difficult to do much location-hunting. Their preference would be in the geography of a triangle formed by the states of North Carolina (their home state), Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin – although open to somewhere else. If anyone has specific thoughts or ideas for the Browns in their search, they would appreciate hearing possibilities. You could let Chuck Ernst (our advocate forthe Browns) know and he can pass along ideas that might seem feasible. (Keith Dodd, missions chair, has been the recipient of Steve and Nancy’s plans and could provide further information.)

They treasure our long-term support for their ministry, and especially appreciate the fact that we hold them in prayer – both as medical missionaries and as fellow Christians trying to follow Christ and help build God’s kingdom here on earth. Please hold Steve and Nancy in your prayers as they enter this time of transition.