Chapel Restoration

First row, left to right: Masonry contractor is erecting scaffolding. / The vestibule was constructed of Douglas Fir. Extra original pieces were discovered under the chapel and will be used to fabricate the replacement trim. / At least four different types of mortar repair joints were discovered. All of the new masonry will match the original joints from when the chapel was constructed.

Second row, left to right: Scaffolding on the north side of the chapel. / The new maintenance entrance to the basement, located at the east side of the bell tower. / The east side of the crawl space with reinforced stone piers and concrete slab.

Third row, left to right: The west side of the crawl space with new concrete block piers, footings, and concrete slab. All wood posts were removed and replaced with steel or concrete block. / The northeast corner bench walls along the base of the stone rubble walls. / The maintenance access way bench walls at the northwest corner leading to electrical panels servicing the entrance to the chapel.