Children of Light

How often we hear that care and protection of our children is important because our future depends on them becoming good citizens, mature adults who think soundly, ethical leaders, and strong believers. While this is certainly true, children and young people are forging the way right now in the present. Their energy, creativity, development and ability to dream inspire me, as they do those who listen, watch and take them seriously.

At a recent staff meeting it was pointed out that during these weeks of Easter celebration, two teens, a 23 year old, a ten year old, and an infant were baptized. This is good news! To witness these baptisms brings hope and encouragement to the whole Body of Christ. Personally, I was touched when Grace said her vows to belong to Christ, to follow Him as Lord and Savior, to renounce the evil ways of the world, and to be an active part of the church community. 

In our 2019 society, young people (adults too) focus on so many things other than the ways of God and the way of Christ as the light and center of life. So, to know that our young people are being instructed in the ways of Christ and making decisions for Christ is worthy of joyful celebration.

What is happening with our children at Good Sam?
Besides Sunday classes and youth group where there is teaching, discussion and connections with peers, young adults are engaging at retreats and conferences about important matters affecting them in an atmosphere of love and openness.

During Holy Week, the Good Sam Dance troupe stirred hearts with movement to beautiful choral music to bring the reality of Christ’s dying at Calvary for the sin and salvation of the world.

Vacation Bible School for 130 children is coming soon. Two thirds of the 70 volunteers needed are youth (not too late for adults to join them). The theme, Roar, will help them to discover that God is for them even when life gets wild, so appropriate for the challenges our children face in school every day. 

Jesus pointedly tells us to bring our little ones, all of our children into His Kingdom (Mark10:14). We are to raise them in faith so they have the opportunity and privilege of knowing the love of Christ, and to live in God’s family with the spiritual values to make thoughtful choices.

What will come to pass in their future begins today. How we listen and engage them encourages and builds confidence to develop their gifts. With confidence in God’s love their individual dreams can be fostered to realize their place in the world, a world that Christ desires to serve and save.