Christmas Greetings

A very merry Christmas to our whole church family at Good Samaritan. As we move from Advent into the Christmas season we move from anticipation to celebration; from waiting to rejoicing. We celebrate together the gift of God's own Son - given into this world to bring God to us, and to save us from our sins and give us hope of everlasting life.

The news about Jesus is all about gift. Or, to use the Christian word - grace. Nothing of that first Christmas was earned or deserved - it all came simply from grace; out of the love of the Father heart of God, and out of God's desire to reach out to humanity - even when we were far away from Him. The gift is expressed in the tender vulnerability of a child - of God's most gracious presence in perfect harmony with a human life lived as an expression of God's grace given to us.

My prayer for us as a community is that generosity of spirit and action will characterize who we are as a church family and all that we do together. As we look to the New Year, God longs to live out his gracious life through you - to free you from bondage to self and fear and habit and release you to shine in this world with the light of Christ which He has given you. I pray that God's Spirit will fill you powerfully to live in the freedom to which he has called you.

With love and Christmas blessings,

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