Citizen Advocacy

Citizen Advocacy of Chester County (CACC) helps friends discover each other. More specifically, we match people in the community who have disabilities and who have become isolated (partners) with ordinary citizens (advocates) who share the same interests and will welcome the disabled partner into their lives as a friend. We ask these new friends to make a long-term commitment to each other, and for the advocate, in the spirit of true friendship, to embrace the needs of the partner as their own, and to stand with and for the partner unconditionally.
CACC currently wants to discover an advocate for a gentleman, Harold, who lives at the Devereaux Whitlock campus in Paoli. Harold is 56, and you would think he was the “mayor” of Devereaux! He knows everyone and considers it his responsibility to introduce you to them. Harold has also been a “boxer” throughout his life, getting back up after every setback geared to lay him low. He is funny, gregarious, strong-willed, and in deep need of someone to take a personal interest in him. Having spent most of his life at Pennhurst before its closing, Harold has lacked the enriching experience that real friendship brings.
The ideal advocate will be a man over 50 who likes to eat out and is willing to set and maintain boundaries. If this sounds like you, and if you can envision yourself becoming a friend to this extraordinary man, please contact Bill MacGregor at Citizen Advocacy (610-933-1299; or Angela Linden at the Church of the Good Samaritan (610-644-4040).