Danja Fistula Center

For many years Good Samaritan has supported the missionary and medical work of Steve and Nancy Brown in Niger. (In the header picture, Nancy Brown is at the far right of some of the women at the Fistula Center.) (If you want details about Fistula, check out this PDF from Medical News: What-is-a-Fistula.pdf )

The Browns were instrumental in establishing the Danja Fistula Center in Niger to treat this condition. This center has become a major hospital serving their area of Africa; last year they held a major conference on treating fistula that attracted a major population of the regional medical community. The Browns are bringing their personal ministry in Niger to a close this year, but are doing the work to ensure a good transition to leave the Center in good hands and in good condition for the future.

At this critical time for the future of the Danja Fistula Center, they face the possibility of losing support from a significant funding partner. In early April, their executive committee met and considered various methods for funding increases to compensate for this financial loss, but decided to wait until early May when the entire board meets to make a final decision. The Browns and all involved with the Center value their relationship with the Church of the Good Samaritan and ask that we be in prayer that the Fistula Center’s Board will find ways to provide funds to keep this important medical center functioning and serving needy women in Niger.

The Browns do share a positive update. They have been thinking about something special – or a special place – to celebrate their 35th wedding anniversary on May 20. Earlier they had “passed” on an opportunity to join a former Niger missionary on a tour of Israel in May. They took a chance and contacted him to see if there might still be room. After an eight-day wait they got good news – there would be room! So, they will be going on a tour of Israel from May 19 to 31! We pray for their safe travels and that they will be able to travel after hearing good news about their center’s continued funding.