Forty years of "Celebration of Discipline"

In 2018, the Missions Committee added Renovaré Ministry to Good Samaritan's portfolio of nearly 30 supported ministries. Many at Good Samaritan are familiar with the work of Chris Hall who is Renovaré's president. The staff is exploring some new grant options with the resources of a very capable and knowledgeable grant writer. They ask for our prayers as they try to recognize grant opportunities that God might open up to help with the ministry.

In addition to the work of the three main Renovaré components, Book Club, Spiritual Formation Groups, and the Fellowship of the Burning Heart, this year they are celebrating the 40-year anniversary of Richard Foster’s seminal work “Celebration of Discipline.” To mark this occasion, Renovaré is partnering with local churches around the USA and Canada to host ten one-night gatherings over the next ten months. There are also two larger conferences on the horizon that incorporate this 40th anniversary celebration, which will also mark the end of Richard Foster’s public career. (Many might remember that in September 2016, Good Samaritan hosted a Renovaré conference “The Habits of Ordinary Saints”. The conference was led by Richard Foster, along with his son Nathan Foster and Chris Hall.) 

Renovaré sends along its recent “news” report and prayer requests. See the full report.
To see more about all the Renovaré programs, see their website.


  • We pray for the ministry of Renovaré and their staff of Chris Hall, Carolyn Arends, Nathan Foster, Brian Morykon, Joan Skulley, and Justine Olawsky as they seek needed financial grants and celebrate the 40-year anniversary of Richard Foster’s book “Celebration of Discipline”.