Frank & Anne B.

For several years, Good Samaritan has supported the ministry of Frank and Anne B. in North Africa. (For security reasons, we do not report their last name or the specific country where they serve.) They have visited Good Sam a number of times over the years and many are familiar with the good work they do. Both Frank and Anne have integrated themselves into the Muslim population enabling them to spread their Christian faith and lead many in their country to a relationship with Christ. Much of their ministry is under the direction of Frontiers a missionary supporting agency. See more about Frontiers at:

In addition to their involvement in the community, their work, and their ministry, Frank and Anne lead their ordinary lives, which include family responsibilities – both there and back in the United States. They recently sent us a report (October 28) that provides an update of their busy summer and insight into the lives that missionaries lead. They titled this last report: “Cried Out and Moving Forward.”

rachel b
Frank, Anne, and family dropping Rachel off at college.


Our summer began with a very difficult death in the family and ended with an emotional trip to drop our daughter off at college. Throughout it all we continued to juggle the needs of the team we lead, the two Kingdom businesses we operate in northern Africa, and regional leadership for Frontiers. God continues to work through us in exciting ways, and even though we sometimes struggle with the fact that fruit comes very slowly among North Africa Muslims, our ministry is holistic and diverse and God continues to use us and encourage us through many of our endeavors.

For the last two months (since dropping Rachel off at college) we have been focusing intensely on helping our daughter Amina settle into a new school in the US. Amina (16 yrs. old) has for some time been very serious about dance. Last Spring, we received word that she was accepted into a prestigious performing arts school in Pittsburgh. Every two years we typically take a two and one-half month HMA (Home Ministry Assignment or 'Furlough') during the summer. This year because of Amina's new school we decided to take an extended HMA during the fall instead of the summer so that we can help her transition to her new school. We are currently staying with her in Pittsburgh, and once we are confident that she is in a good place we will let her move in with close family friends and we will return to North Africa.

Pray for us as we contemplate living apart from Amina. It is very difficult for us and we can hardly imagine it. We can't, however, pass up this opportunity for her and we aren't ready to leave our African country. Earlier this month Anne went back to our home in Africa by herself and next month Frank will go by himself. In addition to a little back and forth we are working remotely on our various North African responsibilities - more about that in a later update.

Through our Missions Committee, Good Samaritan has provided ongoing support for Frank and Anne through Frontiers. This year through monthly installments, our church is providing $7,500 for their specific ministry in North Africa. Several in our parish also support Frank and Anne through individual gifts. Anyone interested in providing a financial gift may do so at the Frontiers website:   Choose the “Support A Worker” option, and to support Frank and Anne, include Worker ID# 002636.