Get On Our Lawn

Get On Our Lawn is a series of open air events that will be held, you guessed it, on our lawn. They will be designed to create fun, low key environments, that are family friendly, and easy for people to invite others to. These events will be focused on being spaces that will truly engage our neighbors in meaningful ways and draw them into a deeper sense of connection and community with the Church.

At each of these events there will be live musical entertainment, food trucks, activities for children, and opportunities to engage and connect in more meaningful ways. We will also be featuring ways to connect further with the church via several options. These options will include coming to a Dinner and a Question event, serving in some capacity, or simply learning more about the church in general. Guests at Get on Our Lawn events will have the opportunity to relax, enjoy a nice evening, and get connected to the church community in way that is accessible and relevant to all people, regardless of whether you are committed to the Christian faith or not.

All the events will be open to all - and yet there will be a theme for each event which will target some specific demographics.

Our “Get on Our Lawn” dates and themes are:

June 29 - With a focus on connecting families who are out of school for the summer

July 27 - With a focus connecting others to the work of our Food Closet and Water Missions (and opportunity to support them financially)

August 31 - With a focus on connecting families who will be heading back to school soon. (especially our day school community)

September 28 - With a focus on young adults.

For these events to be successful, we will need help in a few ways:

  • Who might you invite to come out to our lawn this summer? Who are the people in your life that would benefit from coming out and enjoying a night and perhaps getting more connected to the church?
  • Would you be willing to lend a hand? We will need a large number of volunteers for the logistics of this event, as well as volunteers to simply serve as hosts and friendly faces.

Do you have questions? Are you able to help in some way? Contact: Rev. Ben