The Global Immersion Project & Gathering Hope ESL

On October 4, parishioners Meredith Ridington and Dianne Moretzsohn will travel to the U.S./Mexican border at Tijuana, Mexico. (They return October 7.) Meredith and Dianne are both with our supported ministry, “Gathering Hope,” which provides ESL classes at both Great Valley High school and at Good Samaritan to immigrants. The trip will be part of a Christian ministry The Global Immersion Project. This ministry is a non-profit formed by Fuller Seminary graduates to help Christians understand the mission of God as peacemakers in a world filled with conflict. Their two learning labs are the US/Mexico border and the Palestine/Israel border.

Their work with immigrant families in Gathering Hope drew Meredith and Dianne to this learning experience at our southern border. They realize the border can be a place of hardship in the lives of the students they serve. Earlier this year, Meredith received training in advocacy and along with Hispanic people of faith, called on members of Congress to end the family separations at the border, as well as to agree on comprehensive immigration reform. Presently, she and Dianne are enrolled in an online course called Everyday Peacemakers, and they hope their studies will help them learn even more in the border experience.

They will be across the border for two days visiting with those who minister to the people that immigration issues touch. They will talk with Christians in US Border control and Christians caring for those who have been deported. Meredith says, “Interestingly, the church is on both sides of this conflict. We desire to help bring peace through listening, presence, inquiry and prayer.” She adds, “Both Dianne and I seek transformation first for themselves and also for the larger immigration situation.” They would appreciate our prayers as they travel, cross the border, experience the reality of the situation, and their own growth.

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