Good Sam Team Visits Paraguay with Updates from the Team

For many years, Good Samaritan, through the Missions Committee, has provided financial support for the ministry of Fr. Ron Irene, and Nicky, his wife and mission partner, in Paraguay. Although we have provided support, we have not visited with Ron and gained a sense of the total ministry in several years. August 10, a small team from Good Samaritan will fly to Asunción, Paraguay, leaving to return home on August 16. Kevin Hicks has worked to plan and take care of details for the trip. Kevin will be accompanied by Jeff Moretzsohn and Deryck Livingston.

The overall purpose of the trip is to gain a better sense of all that is involved in the Irenes' ministry, who they serve, and learn more about how we at Good Samaritan can best support this ministry. Additionally, as we are the ministry’s only “outside” support, the team hopes to work with Ron to see how he might broaden the financial base of support beyond our church. The team will stay in Paraguay’s capital Asunción. The city is one of the oldest cities in South American, with a population of over 500,000. (The metropolitan area has around two million inhabitants.)

During the visit with Fr. Ron, the team hopes to visit with the bishop of Paraguay, see both the cathedral and Ron’s parish church (with hopes of meeting with their vestry), and the school where Nicky Irene works. Ron has also initiated several outreach efforts, which the team hopes to explore to see how we might collaborate. Some possibilities for outreach and direct church service might be marriage workshops, Alpha courses and workshops, providing Spanish (and other language) Bibles, and perhaps Scripture Union Sunday School program supplies. As much as possible, we hope to buy supplies and materials in Paraguay to support their economy rather than bringing in U.S. goods.

Updates from the Team

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irene family
The Irene Family

Many at Good Samaritan may be familiar with Ron. A few years ago, he visited our church and served in various aspects of our church for about a month, including giving a sermon (which might be remembered when as a prop, he used a waste can for a basket and had Fr. Richard and Deacon Jeff shoot paper wads at it). Ron is 48 and he and his wife Nicky have 4 children: Samuel age 6, Daniel 12, Tamara 14, and Natasha who is 21.

Your prayers are requested on a continuing basis:

  • For the team’s safety as they travel August 10 and 16, and while they are in Asunción;
  • For the team to gain insight into the overall ministry in Asunción and surrounding areas;
  • For Spirit-led discussions as the team and Ron explore ways Good Samaritan can best support the overall wide-scope ministry;
  • And for Ron, his family, the total church community, and our team, to celebrate the way God has worked with all of us to spread and keep the gospel alive in Paraguay.