Kenya Student Christian Fellowship

Kenya Students Christian Fellowship Experienced an Enjoyable and Meaningful Spring and Summer

The Church of the Good Samaritan for several years has provided financial support for The Kenya Students Christian Fellowship (KSCF), and specifically a regional group of KSCF, The Maasai Associates Team (MAT). The overarching goal of KSCF-MAT is to support a generation of role model Christian students in the high schools and colleges of Kenya. For more about KSCF see  their website:

Phillip and Mary Kishoiyian of Good Samaritan serve as our “advocates” for this important Kenyan ministry. They recently submitted an update on KSCF-MAT activities and events. (See link below.) They share about this spring’s National Students’ Conference, which was attended by more than 4,000 students. They also share about the “Leaders Training Day, which drew over 200 students from 19 schools, as well as several school rallies and challenges, and a Regional Leaders Retreat. Thanks  to Mary and Phillip for their work with this ministry in Kenya, and especially for always keeping Good Samaritan aware of KSCF’s good work and how our financial support is helping spread the gospel.  KSCF Report