Kenya Students Christian Fellowship Stress Student Leadership

The Kenya Students Christian Fellowship (KSCF) with the Maasai Associates Team (MAT) is having a very good school year. A main focus for the current school year has been to strengthen the leadership of their Christian Unions. Toward this goal, many MAT schools have held special weekend outreach missions conferences. Much of the leadership training has been in the form of “Christian Based Career Development” workshops. These training workshops included personality tests, discovery of career paths, nurturing one’s talents, and seeking one’s passions. Over 120 students attended the KSCF-sponsored workshops.

The Fellowship is pleased that the school year, so far, has been free of student strikes and riots, which disrupted the schools in past years. The upcoming presidential elections (October 26) are a concern for those in the Fellowship schools as well as for all Kenyans. Not only is the political atmosphere tense, but electing a good and effective president is critical.

All the KSCF people are mourning the death of nine high school girls from the Moi Girls School, Nairobi County, who died in a dormitory fire.

Phillip and Mary Kishoiyian are involved with KSCF and serve as our advocates. They send along a full report from KSCF with much more information, details, and prayer requests. That report is available here.

  • Please pray that in the late October elections in Kenya God will raise up a God-Fearing president to lead Kenya in these important times.
  • Pray for the healing and support of all the Kenya Students Fellowship students and staff as they mourn the recent deaths of nine high school girls in a dormitory fire at the Moi Girls School in Nairobi County.