La Trinidad Anglican Church

Good Samaritan has had a long relationship with La Trinidad Anglican Church in Cochabamba, Bolivia, and its pastor Tammy Firestone. Several Good Samaritan teams have visited Tammy and the church on mission trips to Cochabamba, which included visits with Ninos con Valor in the same city. Many from Ninos worship at La Trinidad.

The church hopes that we will celebrate along with them on Trinity Sunday, June 16 when they celebrate their 25th anniversary as a congregation. Good Samaritan has been an active supporter to Tammy and La Trinidad over these many years. They are very appreciative of our relationship with them, which includes financial support, periodic visits – us to them and them to us, and especially our prayer support. When Tammy visited us last year, she couldn’t emphasize enough the importance of our prayers to their congregation. In a recent report to Larry Colletta, our church’s advocate for this ministry, Tammy included many prayer requests. Please be in prayer for:

In General:

  • We are thankful for the missionaries who have served in La Trinidad, for their commitment to God and love for the people of Cochabamba.  We especially thank God for the ministry of Susana Woodcock, who started the congregation.
  • We thank you at Good Samaritan for your support to us as missionaries, providing a full-time pastor for the congregation through Tammy's ministry.
  • Please pray for us as we prepare for and participate in our Annual Church Camp, June 21-23, with teaching by a pastor from Santiago, Chile on the Purpose of the Church. Pray that we would respond to the challenge of God's Word while we have a time of renewal as families and a congregation.

Please pray for Deacon Juan Cris as we present to the presbyterate our request for his ordination to the priesthood:

  • That the Lord would continue to prepare both him and his family for this ministry.
  • Pray for La Trinidad as the congregation transitions to Bolivian pastoral leadership.
  • During the transition, please pray for Tammy as she guides the congregation, mentors and supervises the ministry team in Cochabamba.
  • We thank God for Bolivians who have come to know the Lord and become His disciples:
  • For their love of God and their desire to reach others.
  • Please pray that we would continue to grow in knowledge of Christ, that the church would multiply in Cochabamba, and that the Lord would continue to equip Bolivian leaders to serve.


We ask that you continue to accompany us in prayer as a family:

  • Please pray for our son Thomas as he spends the summer in Los Angeles, working and taking classes, and preparing for his junior year of college.
  • Pray for guidance for daughter Maddy as she starts her senior year of high school this fall and applies to colleges.
  • Lift Rusty and me (Tammy) as parents while we continue to trust the Lord as our children leave home and Bolivia.  We ask that God would continue to strengthen our communication with our children, with each other, and with Him in prayer!
  • Finally, please pray for Tammy's health and strength, as she has had frequent bouts of bronchitis over the past year.