Live-stream Eucharist Sundays at 10:30am - Bring Your Own Bread

Please join us on Sundays for church via live-stream at 10:30am. Get some bread ready, so that we can share bread together even if remote from one another. I'll ask you to lift up your bread at home during the prayer of consecration, and then we can partake together, even if separated into our own homes! It will be BYOB - bring your own bread.

The livestream is at:

We'll have bulletins out by the end of each week with all the service words so that you can print your own at home. We will have words on the video for you to join along with - but if you have the ability to print at home that may well be easier to read ;-) I'd encourage you to read the responses together with us - even if you're just watching by yourself; and to join in the singing of songs and hymns.

You can also submit prayer requests using the form at the bottom of the page:

And there are options to give using text or online described here:

We're moving our daily prayer with Ben and me from live-streaming at noon to publishing direct to YouTube and Facebook at noon each day (Monday to Friday). More than 200 people engage with this each day but nearly all of them do so after the event and only a few engage 'live'. This will help us more reliably get them out for noon each day, and people can then engage with this daily prayer at whatever time of day suits you.

These daily prayers will be available at:

It would be great if you subscribed to those various channels, and even greater if you shared these on Facebook so that we can serve even more people by building an audience for daily prayer.

Praying for you in this strange time. Be well, of good cheer and full of the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ,