Love Justice International

Love Justice International provides human trafficking intervention through both monitoring and direct intervention. To date, they have intercepted 13,000 youngsters from slavery, exploitation, and abuse. In addition, Love Justice also focuses on Children’s Homes and Schools. These homes and schools serve children “intercepted” and others cast aside by poverty, war, and the destruction of families. They try to place such children in a home BEFORE they are subject to trafficking, drug trade, and abuse. In schools, they strive to foster education in an environment where the children can be all that God created them to be.

One of the most common ways traffickers lure their victims into human trafficking is with the promise of employment. In countries where poverty is the status quo, the offer of a good paying job is a literal lifeline for the victim, enabling her to feed and provide for her family. A Love Justice video shows one trafficking victim as she tells her story:

The organization describes their “interception” process as:

  • When our trained Love Justice people notice a sign of trafficking, they stop the suspected trafficker and victim for an interview to determine if trafficking is occurring. If our staff members recognize a red flag, they continue their questioning, separating the suspected victim and trafficker.
  • If further questioning reveals additional red flags, Love Justice staff take action by contacting the victim’s family, questioning the suspected trafficker, and if the situation warrants it, contacting the police to deal with the trafficker further.
  • The victim arrives at one of our shelters for protection, aftercare, and education about the dangers of trafficking as we assess if it is safe for the victim to return home.
  • We interview victims to gather data and criminal intelligence to assist our process of convicting traffickers. When possible, we guide the victim through filing a legal case against her trafficker.

The organization working with other partners and supporters, such as our church, has become a family working together to share the tangible love of God through actively fighting the battle of modern-day slavery, so the beautiful lives He has created in His image can live in freedom. Andy Krider is Good Samaritan’s advocate for the Love Justice International ministry and can give further insight into this important ministry. More information is also available on their website: