Making the Most of Each Day

I remember Tony Campolo giving a talk when I was just a teenager. He said that lots of people used the phrase ‘take care.’ He maintained that no-one at the end of their lives looked back and says ‘I wished I’d taken more care.’ He advocated replacing that phrase with ‘take risks.’ Rather than ‘playing it safe’ what would it look like if we tried to make the most of each and every day? To do that would entail taking a few chances! It reminded me of the phrase that ‘faith is spelled: R I S K’. Bishop Daniel has a phrase that he repeats about the way in which he asks his Diocesan Staff to function: ‘Fail often, fail fast, fail cheap.’ He’s encouraging them to try new things in order to promote the growth of the Kingdom of God within the Diocese.
I wonder where God might be calling you to step out, perhaps beyond your comfort zone, in your adventures for His sake and for the sake of the Kingdom?
In this stewardship season, I want to remind us that stewardship is not first of all about money - it is first of all about discipleship. It is about the use of the whole of our lives for God’s sake and in God’s service. It is about the parable of the talents, and not wanting to be the fearful servant who buried his in order to keep it safe.
The question of stewardship is ‘How am I using everything that I have for God’s glory?’ Time, Talent and Treasure.
May I encourage you as you read this to think today especially about your time and talents. How is God working in you to bless you and through you to be a blessing to the world? Maybe, to make the most of each day, we need to ask for the courage to step out in faith into some new area of service to our neighbor.
May God bless you richly as you adventure with him through each day that lies ahead.