Mission & Outreach News Jan 2017

This edition contains important updates from the Kenya Student Christian Fellowship – Maasai Associates Team (KSCF-MAT), Humankind Water, and Scripture Union. Note that Scripture Union is looking for a Philadelphia Area Representative. There is also a request to keep our short term Kenyan Vision Team in your prayers, announce the Amnion baby bottle campaign, and a reminder for you to “save the date” on the afternoon of January 22 for the Human Trafficking Awareness Meeting at our Church. Thanks to all of you for your ongoing support of all these ministries.


KSCF-MAT was established in 1958 with the objective of evangelizing students in Secondary Schools and Colleges throughout Kenya and disciplining them to be effective witnesses of Jesus Christ in their institutions and communities at large. The importance of this organization cannot be overstated as it is a powerful witness to the Christian worldview in a part of the world that needs hope, love, and faith as an alternative to indigenous religions and increasingly extreme religious influences. Phillip and Mary Kishoiyian (naiserian2000@gmail.com) are the Good Sam Advocates for KSCF-MAT. We recently received an update and prayer requests from Humphrey Kaburu, the Communication Leader, which is edited here for space limitations (To see the complete report, please click here):

One of the key annual activities that MAT organizes at the end each year is the students’ conference. In this regard, MAT organized its Annual Conference for the Year 2016 on 30th November to 5th December 2016 at Oloolaiser Boys High School, Kajiado North District, Kajiado County. The Conference was attended by a total of 425 participants drawn from various schools, colleges, churches and para-church organizations.

By the end of the Conference, 110 students had made personal commitments to Christ while on average 80 students received individual counseling from professional Christian counselors. We give God all the glory for scores of students who were prayed for various needs and the wonderful moments of worship and revival witnessed during the Conference.

We wish to express our sincere gratitude to the church of Good Samaritan in USA for the continued financial support during the Year 2016. The support went a long towards making MAT realize a substantial part of the targets during the period.

Prayer Requests:


  • Thank God for His grace and provision that led to success of our activities in 2016 including the end of year students’ conference.
  • Thank God for all our Sponsors and partners who generously contributed towards financing of all our 2016 activities and the achievements made.
  • Thank God for all the associates, ministers and volunteers who gave themselves to serve with us in the students’ ministry


  • Pray that as we roll out ministry activities for the year God will direct our paths and provide for all that we need in reaching youths and students for His Kingdom
  • Pray for peace to prevail in our schools which opened during the week beginning 5th January 2017 under new calendar and reforms that are taking place.
  • Pray for the new KSCF-MAT officials who have been elected to steer the Team in the next three years. Pray that God will guide them to serve with dedication and humility
  • Pray for our national annual conference in April 2017 at Kilifi County, Coast of Kenya.


  • Pray for Kenya: 2017 is an election year so that God will enable the Country to peacefully elect new leaders for the next 5 years.
  • Pray that the politicians will not use the youths for violent activities which may jeopardize the peace and security of the Country.


  • Pray for all our supporters and partners (e.g. Church of the Good Samaritan, KSCF Head office, Bible Society of Kenya, Local churches) for their continued role in supporting students’ ministry in Kenya.

Sincerely, Humphrey Kaburu, Communication Leader


Humankind Water (http://humankindwater.org/) was started by our fellow parishioner, T. J. Foltz who now serves as the President of the organization. Humankind Water exists to bring clean and safe drinking water to people in need. After winning a nationwide contest, HK was chosen for distribution by Walmart. The sale of Humankind Water generates revenue and donations. 100% of the net profits fund water projects for those suffering without clean water all over the world. By choosing Humankind Water as the bottled water you buy, you will be helping HK to build wells in communities that only have contaminated water to drink.

I (Kevin Hicks) recently received the following update from T.J. which has been slightly edited for this space:

We just launched a new line of Organic Teas and Lemonades which, like Humankind Water, help provide clean drinking water for folks in need around the world.

Please pray for the sales of our Water, Tea and Lemonade....and for our 501c3, recently renamed The Kind Human Foundation (so more folks would see the immediate correlation) as we receive and spend donations to get people clean drinking water.

Please pray for our partners around the world who dig the wells and install the filters.

And pray for our continued growth and expansion.

Thanks and Happy New Year!

T.J. Foltz


Most of you all know Scripture Union (SU) and its Field Director for the Mid-Atlantic Region Lisa Mendez. We congratulate Lisa for the birth of her baby girl and for all the accomplishments in 2016 and the exciting plans for 2017. Lisa just sent an end-of-year greeting which I encourage you all to read here. In addition, here are her prayer requests, edited to fit this space:

Dear Church of the Good Samaritan,

Thank you so much for your continued support of the mission of Scripture Union as we share the Good News around the region. I've included some prayer updates for you. Lots of good things coming down the line.

  • Praise report! Eliana Mendez arrived November 15 as the newest “SuperKid” on the block. Continued prayers for our family as we settle into parenthood are appreciated!
  • Continue to lift our PrimeTime locations in prayer. These programs are continuing to run despite some of the resource struggles they are facing this year. Pray that they will be able to reach more children and families than ever before.

We are still praying and working to expand the child sponsorship program. We were able to offer one grant to an outstanding location for PrimeTime this fall. I am still working to partner with “advocates” that are willing to host awareness meetings to share the good news of what we are doing at Scripture Union with our child sponsorship program. The website is sugiftofhope.com

Our Gift of Hope grant location is doing a fabulous job! Every day roughly 40 children meet for PrimeTime in the heart of Chester. They also hosted a Christmas toy giveaway and New Year’s dinner for about 200 children.

  • Continue to pray for Mark Brown’s family as they work through the grieving process of losing their son. Mark is very open about his grief but God has also given him a new and incredible appreciation for eternity and the absolute necessity of reaching little ones with the Good News of God’s story.

We are interviewing potential candidates for a Philadelphia Area Representative to continue and expand the work with our Philadelphia/Chester locations. Pray that God will bring us just the right person!

The Mendez family relocated to Silver Spring, MD in October, which gives Scripture Union the opportunity to expand to two very important urban areas (Baltimore and DC). I am in the process of strategic planning for this area now and am working to set up some pastors’ luncheons in the spring to promote SuperKids! Praying for God’s favor. Our new church here is running the E-100 program with our youth ministry and we are partnering with a local organization, Camp Sonshine, to involve several of their interns as SuperKids volunteers. Pray for more open doors!

Thank you so much for your continued prayers and support. God bless you for all you do!

Gratefully, Lisa Mendez 


Rusty, Chuck, and Fr. Geoff departed for their trip on Sunday, January 8. We should be getting an update soon.


Please watch for separate announcements and instructions. Meanwhile, gather a pile of loose change!

SAVE THE DATE – JANUARY 22 – Human Trafficking Awareness Meeting at Good Sam organized by Julie Uebler and others. More details to follow.