Missionaries & Medical Providers in Niger

Steve and Nancy Brown are one of Good Samaritan’s longest financially supported ministries. Through their lives and work, they spread the gospel in what sometimes can be a challenging environment. Their work in Niger is under the auspices of SIM, a missionary supporting agency. You can see more about SIM at their website. (If anyone is interested in donating directly to the work of the Browns, please contact SIM-USA in Charlotte, North Carolina: Telephone: 1 800 521 6449. They can give instructions for directing a gift specifically to Steve and Nancy.) Chuck Ernst is our church’s Advocate for the Browns. He can help describe their work.

A main part of their work in Niger is the Dana Fistula Center, which serves the many women in the region facing the difficulties of fistula. A major challenge in recent years has been deep financial loses the center has faced. Although over the last year, they lost $9,000, they are encouraged that this loss is much less than in the previous two years. Also, this year, they faced their own physical problems, as well as family situations here in the states that demanded their attention and travel.

Recently, the Browns sent their periodic newsletter “Niger Nomad News.” It provides a very complete update on all their medical, missionary, and personal challenges and success. They also value that as a church we pray for them, and they send a list of Prayers and Thanksgivings so we can remain in prayer with and for them. Their full newsletter is available here.