Missionaries in Niger, Steve and Nancy Brown Deal with Major Concerns and Minor Inconveniences

Steve and Nancy Brown, medical missionaries we have supported for many years, often share experiences that are probably typical of missionaries in difficult areas of the world. Their most recent report includes many such vignettes of missionary life as they provide medical services and spread the gospel in Niger.

Although they are excellent in communicating with us, dealing with slow, limited bandwidth, and sporadic Internet service makes even just email communication difficult. Steve has an interesting story about how he deals with this inconvenience.  Keeping medical and supporting equipment working is always a challenge and they share the problems with a generator breakdown. They both celebrate the wonderful five years of service of their surgeon Itengre Ouedraogo, but also are saddened that he is moving to another area. They are excited that recently a film crew from TLM England and Wales came and filmed much of their work with leprosy. They look forward to the five-minute video that will be shared and hope the final product will be an accurate and compelling video that tells people about the lives and care of people affected by leprosy.

Read their full report “Like Tapping on Glass for Kiwi Birds

Please pray for Steve and Nancy Brown, medical missionaries in Niger:

  • As they give thanks for the five years of their main surgeon who is moving to another region, pray that they will be able to fill that important opening soon.
  • Pray that they will be able to fix a much-needed electrical generator so their medical facilities will have all its necessary power.
  • Pray for wisdom as they try to determine the causes of recent financial challenges at CSL Danja and be able to address these important needs.