MWAMBA: Pictures and Letters

For several years the Church of the Good Samaritan has financially supported the Mwamba Foundation and its high school students. Several church members also support individual students. Mwamba is a non-profit organization founded in Philadelphia, USA, in 2000 by Rev. Dr. Emmanuel and Dorcas Chemengich. Since its inception, Mwamba has been run by two boards, one in the US and one in Kenya.

Mwamba seeks to transform lives of bright but needy high school students from poor families. Mwamba offices are located in Kitale, Kenya (400 kms North-West of Nairobi) and is currently offering 63 scholarships to needy high school students as well as a few scholarships for seminarians training for ordained ministry in the Anglican Diocese of Kitale.

Periodically, Mwamba sends us pictures of and letters handwritten by students supported by the church and individuals. Recently we received a number of these pictures and letters. They are available in a composite here.