News From The Kenya Students Christian Fellowship (KSCF).

For the past few years, Good Samaritan has provided financial support to the Kenya Students Christian Fellowship (KSCF,) specifically to The Maasai Associates Team. Phillip and Mary Kishoiyian have served as the mission committee’s advocates for this KSCF-MAT ministry and were involved in the organization’s beginnings when they lived and served in Kenya.
Last November and December, Phillip was able to return to Kenya and spent time at KSCF’s annual conference. Over 500 students from local high schools attended this conference of Bible study, student-to-student witness, and leadership training for Christian Unions. During the visit, Phillip was able to meet with key KSCF-MAT leaders to discuss current activities in the program and share any concerns. Phillip was able to stress the need for financial accountability, reliable audits, and other areas of good stewardship accountability. 
Phillip was also able to visit the Oloolaiseer High School and speak to the students. During his talk, Phillip not only brought them greetings from The Church of the Good Samaritan, but also shared memories of the genesis of KSCF-MAT in 1979 until he and Mary left the school. Phillip submitted a complete report along with a few pictures. Read the report here.


  • We pray for the ministry of the Kenya Students Christian Fellowship and the involvement of Phillip and Mary Kishoiyian in that ministry and especially for Phillip’s recent productive visit to the ministry.
  • We pray for all the Kenyan students and their leaders as they not only learn academics, but also grow stronger in their walks with Jesus.
  • Finally, we pray for peace and stability throughout the country of Kenya.