News from Paraguay and Bolivia

For many years, the Church of the Good Samaritan has been invested financially, spiritually, and physically with several ministries in South America. Recently, we've received updates from ministries in Paraguay and Bolivia. Many of those in our church are familiar not only with the ministries, but also with the people behind those ministries (all at some time have visited us in Paoli): Ron and Nicky Irene in Paraguay, Tammy and Rusty Firestone in Bolivia, and Tyson Malo also in Bolivia. The two Bolivian ministries are both located in Cochabamba.

In their reports, these missionaries give updates on what has happened so far in 2020 along with the dramatic changes brought about by the pandemic. The reports also give a glimpse of the human spirit and what it can do working with the Holy Spirit to carry on as the voice and hands of the gospel message. Most reports also include many pictures. And, importantly, all give their prayer request in the hope and trust that the people of Good Samaritan are and will be praying for them.

Paraguay: Ron and Nicky Irene

They send greetings for Asuncion, Paraguay, along with prayers that all of us are keeping safe. A generous donation from Good Samaritan helped them buy laptops for their school. However, 20 days after the beginning of the school year, schools shut done due to the pandemic. See their full report, along with pictures and prayer requests here

Bolivia: Tammy and Rusty Firestone

Tammy is pastor of the La Trinidad Anglican Church in Cochabamba. (Cochabamba is southeast of La Paz, between La Pas and Santa Cruz.) Under her leadership the church has reached out in many ways to serve others in their area as well as "planting" another church. She has also worked to raise up local Bolivian members to assume more responsibility in the church and encouraged some to be a part of the ordained ministry. Last year, Pastor Juan Cris was ordained and is a part of the clergy.

In terms of "reaching out" the church, working with the SAMS missionary group, has been gathering and distributing food to the needy in their area through their "Salt Project". Read their full update here.

Bolivia: Tyson Malo (Ninos con Valor)

Since 2006, the Ninos con Valor Christian ministry has been providing care to Bolivian children born into situations of abuse, neglect or discrimination. Ninos is also in Cochabamba and many of their children attend services at La Trinidad pastored by Tammy Firestone.

Like ministries around the world, Ninos is also experiencing the pain and restrictions brought about by the coronavirus pandemic. Recently, International Director Tyson Malo shared a video to bring us up to date on how they are adapting to the situation.  See the video here.

Please be in prayer for these South American ministries (as well as all those around the world) with special emphasis on prayer requests made by Ron Irene, Tammy Firestone, and Tyson Malo.