News from Rooted in Jesus, Kenya

We registered 175 today!

Clearly the word had got out, and people were energized to go and spread the word after last week's conference.

We had good energy today but a slow start. People were still coming after 9am, and so we did not get underway until about 9:15am. Everything fit, but some things we needed to move through a little quickly. Pray for a good traveling day tomorrow morning, and that we can at least start worship and a devotional closer to 9:00am. With three leaders and 175 participants the example small group we lead was going to be a challenge... we did as well as we could, and I think people have a good flavor of what a session of Rooted in Jesus should look like. Tomorrow we will break them into 20 groups, with 20 leaders appointed today to go and prepare tomorrow's lesson.

Bishop Tim was here this morning and gave a great introduction. He encouraged people that they must not leave this conference and not to something with the resources and training they have been given. He was telling these Diocesan leaders that this is a key part of their strategy to form disciples as a diocese - so we are very encouraged by his leadership.

Blessings, Richard