News from Rooted in Jesus Ministry

Over the past few years, Good Sam has provided financial support to the Rooted In Jesus (“RinJ”) ministry in Africa.  (Richard Morgan has led RinJ training conferences in different areas of Africa over the past few summers.) Rooted in Jesus is a group course in Christian discipleship written for use in Africa. It is the only material of its kind written especially for use with ordinary African Christians. Most other such materials are translated from material developed for the West where people face different problems and challenges in their Christian lives. Rooted in Jesus is supported by The Mathetes Trust, a UK registered charity, and is endorsed by the Anglican Communion.
Rev. Dr. Alison Morgan (Fr. Richard’s step-mother) is the editor of Rooted in Jesus, which she has overseen since its beginning in 2002. Canon Roger Morgan (Richard’s father) is the Director of the Mathetes Trust, which exists to advance Christian discipleship through training, support, and provision of resource materials to churches, church leaders, and church members in the UK, Africa and elsewhere in the world.
A recent update from Alison Morgan announces the publication of the “Rooted In Jesus Junior” training manual. This manual will be used both by Rooted in Jesus teams in the major training conferences and also will be used by Diocesan Coordinators overseeing the program in their own dioceses. More about this new program here.
The report also highlights encouraging feedback after the initial conferences, especially from the Diocese of Butere in Kenya. Rev. Capt. Benjamin Kibara has been reviewing progress after the initial major RinJ conferences, and he reports that 87 groups have started in 36 of the diocese’s 48 parishes, showing significant impact: Many people growing in faith and practice, increased commitment at local church prayer meetings, improved stewardship and giving as disciples get rooted in Christ, restored marriages that were in trouble, and simply more volunteers serving in the churches. Also, the Rooted In Jesus books have been recommended as the confirmation books in the diocese. The diocese has invited Rooted in Jesus to facilitate a follow-up conference in 2018.
More about Rooted in Jesus on their website.


  • We give thanks for the Rooted In Jesus ministry that provides materials and leadership techniques designed especially for churches in Africa and for the positive growth in discipleship the program is stimulating.
  • We celebrate with the program’s staff and leadership that materials for a Rooted In Jesus Junior manual are ready for use and will extend discipleship training to a younger population.
  • We pray that the spiritual growth that Rooted in Jesus has stimulated in parishioners of many churches will continue to be further nourished in the closer walk with Jesus.