Ninos con Valor Fundraiser

Every year on April 12th, Bolivia celebrates national Children’s Day. This is generally a time when parents dote on their kids, teachers plan special activities to replace the academic grind, and local businesses offer special deals – all in recognition of how precious each and every child is.

The situation for nearly 10% of children in Bolivia, however, isn’t something to celebrate. Over 900,000 children are living in high-risk situations, and sadly tens of thousands of these kids end up on the streets or in residential homes without the slightest sense of being “precious” to anyone. This is even more the case in children living with HIV and other special needs.

Since 2006, Niños con Valor (NCV) has been working hard to provide at least some of these boys and girls a space where they can feel valued, pursue their passions, and gain hope for the future. More than half of our children are living with special needs, yet they are growing up free of discrimination and surrounded by love. This is possible because of generous supporters around the world.

Your financial support will help us celebrate Children’s Day this year by providing the 48 children, teens and young adults in our programs with quality, family-style care. We are trying to raise $10,000 here in the US, and $10,000 in Canada.
You can donate at the special website for this NVC campaign HERE.