In Person Worship Resumes

What are the four services and who are they for?

The outdoor services at 8:30am and 11:30am will roughly follow the pattern of our 9am and New Chapel services. So if people used to come to the 9am they should come to the 8:30 service, and if they used to come to New Chapel they should come to the 11:30am service. If you came to one of the chapel services you might like evensong, which will be our only rite I language service, and our only service with choral music.

  • 8:30 will have Gary play a prelude and a postlude on an electronic keyboard, and Rick Zuch sing a piece for the offertory and during communion. The liturgy will be the same as 9am used to be, but with no hymns, one reading (of the gospel) and the addition of the 'prayer of humble access' (a much loved prayer from the 7:30am service designed to prepare us to receive communion).
  • 10:00 will be the livestream service in the format we currently have. I expect that family members of those involved in the tech side and preaching etc... may like to attend in person and anyone is welcome, but I do not expect this to be as good of an in person experience as the other three services.
  • 11:30 will have a welcome and opening prayer, a song from a solo singer, a sermon (incorporating the gospel reading), prayers and communion with a solo song during the distribution of communion. This is  not a 'family service' - but we trust will be 'family-friendly' in the sense that it would be the service that I'd most likely make my 11 year old attend if I were going to make her sit through a service. 11 year olds vary, and if yours loves classical music bring them at 4pm - they'll find that most accessible.
  • 4:00 will follow the Rite I evening prayer pattern, with the exception that the preces and responses will follow the original BCP prayers since that's what there's music for. In essence the congregation will say the opening confession after which most of the rest of the liturgy is sung by the quartet with the exception of the creed which is said by all. At the end of the sung prayers will be a choir anthem after which will follow a sermon and some spoken prayers ending with all praying the General Thanksgiving and Prayer of St Chrysostom. Our liturgy will conclude with a final choir anthem.

Protocols for attending in person
Everyone should wash hands before and after attending worship.
Everyone will wear a mask, unless they are eating at a safe social distance from other households. The celebrant and preacher are excused from this when in those roles by Diocesan guideline (it helps them be understood).
In church, there will be tape to indicate where to sit to maintain social distance.
Outdoors, bring your own chair(s) and place them at least 6 feet (2 arm lengths) away from the next household. Everyone has now seen enough 6 foot markings to have a fairly clear idea about how far that is.
We will continue to take offerings electronically. There will not be an in person offering taken.
There will be a basket for checks etc... but this is discouraged because of the amount of touch it involves.
If you're not comfortable coming up to receive the bread at communion that is just fine!
If you do come forward, you must maintain distance from others coming forward, and wear a mask to receive communion in your hand. Once you have moved away from the person distributing the bread, you may then briefly lower your mask to consume it.
People coming into church should use the automatic door and avoid touching any surfaces inside the church.
Ushers and service orders
People will be asked to print their service orders at home to avoid unnecessary touch. We will have service orders available in a basket for those who didn't get the memo.
An usher will point people in the right direction if they're looking confused etc... (from a safe distance) but otherwise people will direct themselves.
Ushers should make sure all internal doors are open, so that there is no need for anyone to touch any surfaces.
We haven't tried this before - so we'll see how we go this Sunday.
Praying for good weather, and for the Spirit to minister powerfully to people in many different ways this weekend,
with blessings,