Philip & Julie S.

Good Samaritan has long supported the work of Philip and Julie S. in eastern Asia. Due to concerns for their safety in their non-Christian region, we do not share full names and locations, or the nature of their service work. Those who have been at Good Sam a long time will recall more specifics about them. This past year, they requested that we discontinue our financial support – hoping we would direct funds elsewhere – but also hoped that our church would continue holding them and their work in prayer.

Recently, they moved to a very mountainous region of their Asian country, a region that is considered a holy land to the one of the major religions of that part of Asia. Prior to moving, they were able to travel to Hong Kong to get work visas for their anticipated new home. While there, they “got to experience the strongest typhoon in the area’s recorded history!” And did so safely. After getting to their new region, Phil was able to lead their new company’s first trip, a high school trip for an international academy. They were also able to rent an apartment as their new home, but still are waiting on work permits and other necessary paperwork from the local police. Their current visas expire the middle of October, and they need to have them changed into actual residence permits by then. Bureaucracy procedures are difficult and complicated because for at least a decade no foreigners have come to work in that city, so the police are really not sure what paperwork is required.

Philip and Julie send along both praises and prayer requests. Please hold these special people in your prayers.

Praise God for:

  • For what new things they’ve been able to do and the wonderful, diverse people they have met.
  • That they got their work visas!
  • That they got apartments! 

Please pray for them:

  • Getting their work visas changed into residence permits in the next week, (which will allow them to live in their new city for at least the next year).
  • Pray for their new home and some necessary maintenance that needs to be accomplished for living and home-schooling their kids,
  • That their tourism-related business they’ve just started will go well and that they will be able to build relationships with other local businesses as they plan for the next year.