Philip & Julie's New Business

For several years, we have supported Philip and Julie in their work and activities in Asia. Recently they started a new business, River Rock Hospitality and Tourism Services, which includes not only tours of the Southern Gansu region, but also assists local businesses in ways that help them better meet the needs of tourists. See and learn more about this exciting business at their new website: River Rock

Recently, we received a letter from Julie with more personal information about the family. She writes that

It's summer but you wouldn't know it by all the cool weather we've been having lately. Today is gorgeous and warm but I'm definitely over rainy days and still needing to layer up, not easy for this Georgia girl!”

She also reports that starting a new business has taken a toll on Phil, especially with stress-produced anxiety. But he realizes that stress is part of starting any business and is coping. She does ask that we keep Phil in thoughts and prayers.

Julie also gives insight into their business:

We've been busy with a couple projects for local businesses as well as creating tours for groups and individual clients. Phil created a birding booklet for a newly opened resort (think uber glamping) located on the grasslands just outside of town. It was a fun project and the booklet turned out great. Just about a week ago we hosted a parent-child camping trip for a group of expats. It took a ton of planning but it was so much fun and we learned a ton! We've had a couple referrals that have resulted in us creating customized tours for families and groups in China. We ask that you will keep us in thoughts and prayers that word-of-mouth will bring us more clients as folks realize how fantastic “River Rock” is!

She closes by saying that it always encouraging to know of and feel the support of many of you back in the States. Their whole family, Julie, Phil, Maddie, Lily, and Abe, appreciate our support.