Pray for Bolivia

Tuesday, January 16, we received news of serious political turmoil in Bolivia, along with prayer requests from Tammy Firestone (one of our supported missionaries) pastor of the La Trinidad church in Cochabamba. It seems that much of the country, and Cochabamba, has shut down in protest of arbitrary action by the Bolivian president. He is disregarding constitutional limits (and a referendum last year) and is running for a third term.

Additionally, the president has set forth a new penal code that is of great concern to the church in many ways, such as putting human trafficking and recruiting for armed conflict in a category that includes “recruiting for religious activities”, which could make evangelism criminal and punishable by law.

A copy of Tammy’s letter and update is available at PrayForBolivia_Firestones.pdf. It gives details about the level of concern, not only for the Firestones and their church, but all our friends in Bolivia, including those at Ninos con Valor and Bishop Raphael Samuel.


  • At a time of great political unrest in Bolivia, we join with the congregation of La Trinidad this Sunday (1/21) as they go into the streets to pray for their country at this time of political unrest and threat to their Christian traditions and practices.
  • Pray especially that the leaders of the Bolivian nation might respond to the call to be a light in addressing all the unrest and political disregard for the nation’s constitution.
  • Pray, too, for the safety of those we love in Bolivia, especially Tammy & Rusty Firestone and their family, the La Trinidad church, our friends at Ninos con Valor, and Bishop Samuel.