Raising a Generation of Model Christians

A regional arm of the Kenya Students Christian Fellowship (KSCF), the Maasai Associates Team (MAT) leads Kenyan high school and college students to Jesus, helps them mature in Christ, and disciples and equips them for effective work in ministry. The Church of the Good Samaritan has long supported this ministry and the advocacy of it through Phillip and Mary Kishoiyian our local representatives. Recently, Phillip submitted a very complete report on MAT’s activities including their End-of-Year Annual Conference in December, which was attended by 400 participants. This is a bit down from 2016 and attributed to some of the political unrest in the country and the fact that the date for the conference was not set as early as usual. However, the conference, with the theme “Rooted and Built Up In Christ” (from Colossians 2:7), helped high school and college students grow in their identity in Christ and guided them through learning about drug and substance abuse and Biblical sexuality. Over all, about 150 students came forward at the final altar call to give their lives to Jesus Christ.

Phillip K
Phillip at KSCF

MAT and KSCF are continuing their work to impact students in their walk with Christ and to equip many to serve as student leaders for other youth. In February, they held a Leaders Training Day at the Oloolaiser Boys Secondary School, which drew from 16 schools and included 205 students, 22 Christian Union teachers, and 20 associates. In many schools they also conduct “weekend challenges” as well as Christian rallies. Peer to Peer training is also a component as are services for former secondary students who are at home waiting for opportunities to join colleges and universities. As always, MAT gives thanks to Good Samaritan for its financial and longtime prayer support.

A full report on these and other activities of MAT and KSCF is found in their first quarter report.